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John: It’s funny, I write because I enjoy it. I never necessarily think about how it impacts someone who might be reading it. I just enjoy collaborating with some great professional writers. But sometimes you receive a bit of feedback from the universe that lets you know that what you are doing is important and impacts people’s lives.

Yesterday, my wife Kelly received an e-mail on Facebook from a woman who was trying to connect with me. She said she read a recent posting in which I blogged about computer coding, and mentioned a teacher who was really influential on me. I had taken a course in summer school that my mom had signed me up for; thinking it would be good for me to learn computer programming.

Now, this was not an elective course. If she signs you up, you can best be sure you would be taking it. Me? I wanted to spend the summer watching The Price is Right and conditioning for fall football practices.

But the teacher that taught the course was very skilled, and he made us want to be there and learn how to program. I can still remember making my initials appear on the screen in big green text. I was so proud. It is funny the things you remember. I remember telling him at the end how impressed I was and how much I enjoyed the class.

Now, it turns out that this woman that wrote to Kel? This was her dad. Kel asked me if she could give my e-mail to this woman to connect with me, and I said sure.

Will she write? Who knows? But I do know that I may have made this person’s day, with something that happened when I was a sophomore in high school.

Sandy, you encouraged me to reach out to a couple of people – Niklas Goke especially, to tell him how influential he was on me. Is this a case of what goes around comes around? Does good, get good?

Sandy: What a great story John!  This is another example of how you never know the ways in which you impact others.  I do believe that when you do good you get good.  It might just be the happy feeling you get from doing something nice for another person, or you might get an even bigger response, as you did so many years later.  However, you can’t go wrong doing good.

Which is the reason it’s important to always be as positive and appreciative as possible.  All most people want it to be seen and appreciated for who they are.

A person might be having a bad day, or feeling insecure about something, or whatever, and if you take the time to make a positive comment it could turn everything around for that person.  To you it might be just a passing comment, but to the other person it could be a life changer.

Of course, the opposite is also true.  When you say something negative to someone, you might not think anything about it, but to him or her it could be incredibly painful and damaging.  So, it’s always important to think before you speak.

I’m so pleased you decided to reach out to the people you were appreciating.  It’s important to remember that, even though you might hugely admire them and think they are too big or important to care about what you say, you need to remember that they are just people.  They have the same feelings, wants, needs and insecurities as we all do, and sharing your appreciation, gratitude and positive thoughts might just make their day.

Please comment so others can benefit from your wisdom and experience. 

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