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Would you like to be more successful?

Have all the money, friends, lifestyle, and things you dream of?

But for some reason you seem to be stuck in the same old routine?

When you look in the mirror do you smile and say, “Wow, I like this person!” or do you frown, grumble and think or say something negative?

If you frown, then the Feeling Good About You Breakthrough to Success is for you!

It could be that the way you are defining yourself is what is holding you back.

It’s time to ask yourself, WHAT defines me? WHO defines me?

Shannon’s Story


START LOVING YOURSELF TODAY! What you’ve always done for others is terrific, but somewhere along the line you gave up your power and lost yourself. Now you can reclaim your power and be the amazing, dynamic, incredible person you’ve always been! Sign up for the Feeling Good About You Breakthrough program and break the chains that hold you back.

After completing the program you will be thrilled to be able to say:

  • I am happier and my life is better than it’s ever been
  • I am physically and mentally strong and healthy
  • My relationships are joyful and free from drama
  • I am on track to make more money than I’ve ever had
  • I like myself and know I deserve love, appreciation and success


(LIMITED TIME OFFER – Normal Price – $497.00)

When you sign up for The Program you will receive:

  • A downloadable copy of the book Feeling Good About You.
  • Seven Modules, each containing a variety of worksheets that will guide you as you become more self-aware and empowered.
  • Brief Video Recordings accompanying each module.
  • Exclusive Access to three conference calls with Sandy, where you will be able to ask questions, get answers and personal feedback, and participate in the Feeling Good About You Breakthrough Community.
  • Once you have joined the Program you will receive an email letting you know the dates, times and phone number for each call.  The calls will all be recorded so you will always have access to them.

Why A Program?

You understood, you helped, you sacrificed, you did everything you thought you were supposed to do. You tried hard to please everyone, make them happy, and meet their needs. You were so selfless you lost yourself somewhere along the way. Supporting and giving to others is a wonderful thing.  The problem comes when you forget to give yourself the same love, respect and support you generously give to others.

It’s wonderful to do things for people but not at the expense of your self-worth.  When the only time you feel valuable is when you look into the eyes of someone you’ve just helped, you might be codependent and most likely have low self-esteem. Now, everything you worked so hard to build seems to be falling apart, right before your eyes!

It’s natural to feel lost and confused.

Often a woman will say that her family, friends or work “complete her.” When she says this it might be an indication that she is codependent. This means that she depends on the appreciation and validation of others to feel that she exists. She uses other people as a mirror, and when she sees love and gratitude in their eyes she feels valuable.  Unfortunately, without the satisfaction that she draws from keeping others happy, she often feels invisible and worthless.

Does this sound like you?

Have you lost sight of who you are, and feel good about yourself only when you’re doing for others?  Do you define yourself by your role as wife/husband, mother/father, daughter/son, friend, co-worker, or church leader, rather than as an individual who is fun, interesting, smart, loving and unique?


Are you not as happy as you’d like to be?

If your happiness and self-image depend on the reactions of others, what happens when things change?  When people and circumstances shift, you risk losing your identity, your whole world, everything! A lifetime of always putting your family, friends and coworkers ahead of yourself can blur your vision.  When this happens, you might find that you no longer know exactly WHO YOU ARE! What you’ve always done for others is terrific, but somewhere along the line you gave up your power and lost yourselfYou are not alone.

This is a common challenge many women face, and it’s important for you to know that this emptiness can be overcome. In the long run, YOU are the one person who will always be there and whom you can always rely on, so it might be time for you to find the amazing person you are.

It’s time for you to reclaim your power!

It’s time to ask yourself, “What do I want out of my life?”.  It’s time to:

  • Pay Attention to yourself and discover what really satisfies you.
  • Overcome your fears and give yourself permission to develop your emotional strength and personal power!
  • Set boundaries around yourself and what you will and will not accept from other people.
  • Start including yourself as you continue to be the loving. giving, caring person you are.
  • Value who you are and decide how you want your life to unfold from today forward.

It’s time for a Feeling Good About You Breakthrough!

The Feeling Good About You Breakthrough is an exciting program designed to empower you.  It will help you discover the amazing person you’ve always been, but might have lost in the roles you played and the expectations of others.

For a limited time this life-changing program is being offered to you for only $299! The first 50 people to Join NOW will receive the early-bird low price, plus these  amazing FREE bonus gifts!:

  • A downloadable copy of Sandra Abell’s wonderful book, Reflections on Life and Love
  • A FREE one-on-one phone call with Sandy
  • A Discounted Rate on twice-a-month, individual coaching calls with Sandy
  • A downloadable Audio Copy of the book Feeling Good About You, so you can listen to it as you go about your day

The cost of your Feeling Good About You Breakthrough will soon go up to $499, so NOW is the time to break the chains that are holding you back and start your journey of discovery that leads to self-esteem.


“I knew my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to, but didn’t know why.  The Feeling Good program showed me the ways I was holding myself back, and how to change it.  Now I know that I’m in charge of what happens to me, and I’m making choices that are good for me.”    Karen M. from CA

“My relationships were always focused on taking care of other people, because that’s what I was taught I was supposed to do.  I thought if I did that, they would take care of me, but it wasn’t working out that way, and I felt unimportant and invisible. Then I found this amazing program, which helped me discover my value, and now I make sure I’m getting as much out of relationships as I give.  Everything seems lighter and better.”  Shirley B. from OR

“I never understood why I was continually passed over for promotions at work, and my financial situation was a struggle.  My boss told me I needed to be more assertive, speak up, show motivation and do more than expected.  This was difficult for me because I didn’t believe I had enough to offer.  The Feeling Good modules helped me see myself in a different light, and now I know I have a lot to offer my company, am in the leadership program, and my financial situation will soon improve.” Tiffany A. from NY


Feel Strong, Powerful and In Control of who you are and what happens in your world

Communicate assertively and make your needs known

Put boundaries around yourself so negative people and abusive situations can’t affect you

Present yourself in a manner that will enable you to advance at work

Have the courage and confidence to move out of your comfort zone and do new things to make your life even better

Make decisions based on what is good for you as well as others

Acknowledge and appreciate your unique qualities, talents and skills

Make more money because you know you have much to offer


The Feeling Good About You Breakthrough program was developed by experienced therapists.  This amazing program is designed to guide you as you focus on where you came from, how you’ve arrived at where you are today, and most importantly, where you want to go from here. The program has been tested and refined to help you let go of fear, uncertainty and things that are holding you back,and  begin to respect yourself and start afresh, this time for you.


Growing your self-esteem and overcoming codependence can be challenging, but can also be incredibly rewarding. Once you have strong self-esteem you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is for you to navigate all areas of your life.  When you value yourself you will be able to function from a position of power, strength and confidence. This program opens doors to new ways of seeing yourself and the world, which will lead to exciting new possibilities. You will still be the loving, caring, compassionate person you’ve always been, and will continue to love and support those in your life.  The exciting thing is that you will also have found your own value and be equally as loving, caring and compassionate to yourself as you are to others. At the end of the program, you’ll emerge as an empowered person with high self-esteem, ready to take on the world and live a full and happy life.


  • Identify and let go of old messages that might still be holding you back
  • Learn to set boundaries around what you will and will not accept from others
  • Discover the amazing person you’ve always been
  • Treat yourself with love and respect
  • Gain self-confidence that will lead to success in many areas of your life
  • Be able to give lovingly and compassionately to others without sacrificing yourself in the process
  • Feel strong and powerful, and know that you have the right to make the choices and choose the actions that will lead you to your goals
  • Value yourself and know you have the right to be happy and successful
  • Feel energetic and stress free, resulting in improved health
  • Eliminate self-destructive behaviors designed to temporarily numb your feelings
  • Form relationships that are based on strength, respect and mutual admiration instead of need.
Shannon after Feeling Good About You Program

Start Loving Yourself TODAY! What you’ve always done for others is terrific, but somewhere along the line you gave up your power and lost yourself. Now you can reclaim your power and be the amazing, dynamic, incredible person you’ve always been! Sign up for the Feeling Good About You Breakthrough program and break the chains that hold you back

Sandy Abell Inside Jobs Coaching Company


Sandra V. Abell, the owner of Inside Jobs Coaching Company, is a best selling author, speaker, business and life Coach, Licensed Counselor, and Certified Coach who has been in private practice for over 25 years. Sandy has degrees in psychology and sociology, and is a graduate of Coach University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a certified coach with the International Coach Foundation, and she specializes in working with business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and people in transition. She is also the author of the best selling book Feeling Good About You.

Sandy is offering you a Free 30 Minute Coaching Call so you can experience what Coaching will do for you.

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