Positive Vibes — Do You Listen to Your Gut?

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John: I had an interesting choice to make this week.

On one hand, there was a sure thing, as surest things could be. On the second hand, there was a choice that would be high-risk, high reward, and then the third choice, was that I didn’t have to do anything. Now I knew that choice three was out, because I wanted to make a move. I knew choice one was the best one for me, but something told me that I should investigate choice 2.

Now, looking back, the first choice was the one that I wanted to make all along and I didn’t listen to my gut in the first place. But now looking back, I am questioning why.

When you know that you want something, why don’t we just take it in the first place? Why do we have to doubt our choices and question what we want to do? When I asked a couple people in my inner circle about the choices I had to make, they told me, “listen to your gut.”

I will be honest, I had never really done that before – I had always been the guy who took the hard choice, even for things that I really didn’t like. I hadn’t learned to listen to my intuition yet.

I am still investigating that now, but it really doesn’t matter how things look to anyone else, only to me. In the end, those are the only choices that matter – how things look to you. Will things work out? Who knows. I have not done anything yet. Sometimes, you just can’t think about something – you just have to go and do it.

Sandy – why is it difficult for people to listen to their gut instinct, when intuition could be their biggest guide?

Sandy: Hey John, congratulations for tuning into your intuition. It appears it led you to the perfect choice.

I think that many people come from a place where they believe that success has to be a struggle, and that the harder they have to work for something the more right it is.  There is some kind of honor in the suffering.   They might have been raised in a family where struggle was the norm, or where they heard the people in their world talking about how difficult things are.  So they think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

These people often believe that if something comes easily there is no honor in it, or there must be something wrong with it.  They haven’t yet learned to get out of their head and tune into their gut.

The reality is that life does not have to be hard, and things don’t have to be a struggle unless you want to make them that way.  Sometimes, the harder you work at something, the more you struggle and suffer.  And when you finally get it, it doesn’t feel good or work out well.

It’s been my experience that when I relax and pay attention to my feelings and intuition, things seem to flow easily, the right things come to me, and everything turns out as I hoped it would.  Also, the end result feels good and works well.

It sounds like you decided to let go of the struggle/suffer philosophy, tune in to what feels right, and will now move ahead into a place that feels good and works well for you.

Hooray!  Many congratulations!

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