Positive Vibes — Beautiful and Fragile

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John: I was reminded over the past three days how beautiful and fragile life is.

Last weekend, Kel and I went to a wedding for my oldest and dearest friend. I stood up for him in his bridal party and I was privileged. I heard my friend say to his bride, “I love you more than life itself” during the vows he wrote for her. I mouthed “I love you” to Kel.

I spent time with his family at the reception. I saw his mom and his sisters for the first time in years. I sent him a nice note after thanking him for allowing me to be a part of his special day.

Yesterday, I got a text from him. His brother in law, who was at the wedding, was found dead on the couch. His mom was hysterical. His sister distraught. He was sad. I offered him a chance to let me know if he needed anything and I would be there. No questions asked. I told him I would be a part of his sad day if he needed me. Kel and I have a saying, “I will take care of me for you and you take care of you for me.”

I know there will come a time when she will die, and I don’t know when. I also know there will come a time when I will die and she won’t know when. I have no idea what his sister is going through right now, but I empathize with what he is going through on both counts.

New bride, new life, now having to bury his brother in law. Life is like that. You never know what will happen. Be grateful for the good times, bad times, all times. Be grateful you are still here.

Sandy, your thoughts?

Sandy: Oh John! I’m so very sorry about what’s going on with your friend! He is fortunate to have you there for wonderful support as he and his wife go through this awful situation.

This is a stark reminder of how life goes. It is definitely both beautiful and fragile, and I believe we each need to be aware of and cherish the beautiful, and appreciate it every day.

As you said, we never know when things will shift and it will be done. Sometimes the change can be relatively small, and sometimes it’s a change that rocks your world and leaves you just hanging on and trying to breathe to survive.

Your friend will always remember how you and Kelly were there for him and his wife during the good and tough times. Your love and friendship will make a huge difference to them, and your bonds will grow as a result of your caring.

In situations like this, being there emotionally and physically is the most powerful and healing thing you can do. You are doing it!

Yes, always be grateful for the good times, bad times, all times. Be grateful you are still here.

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