Positive Vibes — What If?

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John: What if I sleep in today and I am a late or worse, I miss it? What if I don’t get everything done today and I let my team down and my boss thinks I am a loser? What if my investments are down by the time I want to retire and I can’t? What if I lose my bankcard and I lose all my money and then no one lends me any and I have to live in a cardboard box or under a bridge? What if my wife leaves me – either voluntarily or involuntarily and I am alone, lonely and scared?

What if? What if none of this happens? What if I continue to wear my CPAP machine and get nine hours sleep and am well rested when I get to work every day and I am able to think and do my best and get things done swiftly and with precision? What if I go get things done and my boss compliments me on my work? What if I continue to save money and I am able to retire on an island in Tahiti when I am 65? What if I continue to love my wife like she is the most important person on Earth and we have an amazing and successful marriage until the end of time and into the afterlife?

What if I never think about any of this? What if I am everything I need to be and nothing is missing? What if I stopped asking?

Sandy, what if life doesn’t care about what if’s? Then what if?

Sandy: Hey John, I believe that your life is what you make it. There are always positive and negative possibilities, and we usually get the ones we focus on. When we don’t, it’s often because there is something we need to learn, or there is something even better just around the corner.

All day, every day, we each have the option to choose what we look at. We can expect and look for the good, and will usually be happily surprised when it shows up, or we can expect and look for the negative, and can then get to be “right” and say, “I told you so”, when it comes.

I noticed when I was reading the first part of your post I felt a strong resistance to what you were saying, and when I continued to the second part I felt light and happy. Even the words of negativity or positivity carry weight.

So, what if each of us spent the majority of our time finding and focusing on all the ‘wonderfulness’ (my made up word) in our lives? It’s always a choice, and I choose to always find the happy and the good.


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