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John: According to Hyght (2019), we as human are hardwired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. But to be super-extraordinary and perform extraordinarily well, you must take the hard road and do extraordinary things.

Over the next year, I want to be all substance, and no style. Okay, yes, I am able to speak in public in front of a group of 10000, but I have difficulty in a one-on-one setting many times because I have to be my real self, and I need time and quiet to solve thorny problems. If I don’t get that opportunity, I will self-destruct.

I have been eating breakfast cereal as my primary source of carbs in the morning. Even Ryan tells me, “Dad, you can’t do that.” I know my brain literally derives pleasure from it. It was hard to opt for the meat and vegetables like I did this morning.

Doing cable curls – easy. Doing squats – hard. Today I will be doing squats after my yoga routine. My power went out last night. Instead of fast food – easy – I had precooked meat. Hard. Making a training or nutrition plan is easy. Following through on that plan for weeks and months on end is tough.

To make progress, you simply have to be able to delay gratification, embrace pain and inconvenience, and be willing to do what others are not. Cut out the easy stuff. Add in some hard work.

Sandy, what do you feel about this? Do you intentionally not do easy work in favor or hard work and do you delay gratification?

Sandy: Hey John, here you are again being all or nothing. You seem to think that to be successful and move ahead in any area you have to suffer in some way. So, of course, you set it up so you suffer.

Actually, I don’t believe that suffering is necessary to be successful. Things like dedication, focus, clarity and determination are what move you ahead, but it really doesn’t have to be painful.

When you work ‘hard’ at something you love, it’s fun. There isn’t any suffering involved. If you’re suffering it probably means you’ve set it up for struggle, and not necessarily for success.

It’s true that sometimes gratification has to be delayed in order to get the important things done, but at some point it’s time to stop, find the balance, and do the fun.

Where is the room for relaxing, connecting with those you love or care about, letting your mind and body be at ease, etc?

A lot has to do with your mind set. If you believe that accomplishment only comes with struggle and pain, you will make it work that way. If you believe that doing the things that will help you reach your goals are fun, and you’re excited about where you’re headed, you will make it work that way.

I believe people are like batteries. We can work hard making things happen, but if we don’t stop and recharge, we will just die. We always have a choice.

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