How Do You Appreciate?

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When people go out of their way to do something nice for you, how do you handle it?

Do you simply say “Thank You” and move on, or do you take a minute to really appreciate what they’ve done.

In my world I’m all about stepping up and supporting others in whatever way they want or need. I do it because I care about people, and truthfully, it makes me feel good to give.

Often someone will say “Thank you”, which is lovely. But occasionally someone will go further than that, and let me know how much whatever I did has impacted them.

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons people like or don’t like their jobs is how often their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Appreciation and acknowledgment are more important to people than money, benefits, etc. The most crucial thing is for people to feel they are part of the team, and that what they are doing is making a positive contribution to the group effort.

One way to give appreciation is to be specific. Saying, “Good job” or “Thank you” is nice, but kind of hollow. However, when you follow it up by identifying exactly what the person did, saying how it made you feel or how it helped you, and comment on the qualities they exhibited by doing it, people will really feel appreciated.

How To Show Appreciation

A good appreciation statement has several parts:

  • Be genuine and don’t expect anything in return
  • Be specific, use the person’s name, and identify exactly what s/he did
  • Make eye contact and use open body language
  • Recognize the person as well as the deed. Note their special character traits that allowed them to do this
  • Always be sincere

For example, if a coworker goes out the way to fill in for you when you’re out of the office, you can say, “Thanks for filling in”. Or you can say, “It was great of you to step up and fill in while I was away. You are always thoughtful like that, and it’s wonderful to know you have my back. Working with you is such a pleasure.”

Remember that showing sincere appreciation also applies in your personal life. Being truly appreciative of your family and friends will strengthen your relationships and help everyone feel more connected.

Please comment so others can benefit from your wisdom and experience. 

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