In Change

A few weeks ago I was feeling stuck.  It seemed that after a year of much activity and change, my life had come to a standstill. It felt like I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

I mentioned this to my wise daughter, who pointed out that my feeling stuck might actually be similar to the experience of floating on my back in a lake.  When I’m floating, I’m relaxed, with my eyes closed, feeling like I’m just bobbing in one place. However, when I open my eyes, I realize I’ve drifted quite a ways and am in a new place!

Once she mentioned this, I became aware of all the little things that had been happening that were continuing to move me along my path.  Because they weren’t as big and obvious as the previous year’s changes, I had discounted them as inconsequential.  However, I realized that they are just as powerful as the big changes and keep me traveling toward my goals.

Now, when I feel stuck, I just remind myself that things are happening in their own time and that I will realize how far I’ve come when the time is right.

It’s something to think about.

Sandy Abell is a life and business coach, best-selling author, speaker, and Licensed Counselor. She specializes in working with professionals, entrepreneurs, and people dealing with life transitions and is the author of several books. She is also the co-host of a great podcast called Your Personal Power Pod and is excited to share it with you. You can hear it wherever you stream your podcasts or at www.yourpersonalpowerpod.com. You can reach Sandy at sandy@insidejobscoach.com.  She’d love to hear from you.

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