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Rick was frustrated with his job.  He was good at it but was feeling that he wasn’t “fulfilling his life purpose.” Over the years Rick had many jobs and excelled at them all, but always felt an inner sense of restlessness because he wasn’t “doing what he’s here to do.”

It turned out that Rick wasn’t clear about exactly what his life purpose is and was trying to discover it by fitting himself into different jobs and titles.  In college, he majored in one thing, but once he went into that field, he realized it didn’t fit his personality well.  He then moved to several other jobs, thinking that they would meet his need. However, he continued to feel restless and unfulfilled.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you worked at fitting into a job, role, or title when what you’re really trying to discover is why you are here and what your ultimate “life purpose” is.  Do you constantly change things in your life, hoping to feel fulfilled yet continuing to feel empty and confused?

It turned out that Rick wanted to discover what his purpose is and how he could use this to contribute since this is what would make him feel fulfilled.

Job Title or Contribution

Sometimes when we’re looking for “what we’re supposed to do,” we mistakenly look at specific job titles, rather than the actual purpose.  Life purpose takes into account the needs of the world.  It’s about using your unique talents to make a meaningful contribution. You may find that your purpose is to reach millions of people, or it may be to touch one person at a time.  Both are equally noble, valuable, and fulfilling.

Some examples of purpose are: to teach, to inspire, to lead, to change, to learn, to help, to create beauty, to guide, to support, and to heal.  What would happen if you viewed your purpose like this rather than a job title?  Would it become clearer to you what you are here to do?

Questions To Ask

Rick decided to ask himself several questions:

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What is huge fun for me and why?
  • What did I love to do when I was a child?
  • What energizes me?
  • What makes me smile?
  • What is my driving force?
  • What, when I’m doing it, makes me lose track of time?
  • When I’m at the end of my life, what will I wish I had done more of?
  • What are my talents?
  • What makes me feel fulfilled?

As Rick answered these questions, he realized there was a common theme, which helped him create an awareness of his life purpose.

He wasn’t able to immediately quit his job because he needed the income to support his family.  However, once he was more aware of what was fulfilling for him, he found ways both at work and in his free time to do those activities.  He also began to formulate a way to eventually make his passion into a business.

His plan is to soon be one of the many fortunate people who are able to work in a career or job that fulfills his purpose.

So, if you feel restless and unfulfilled like Rick, it might be time to define for yourself why you are here and find ways to make it part of your daily life.

It’s something to think about.

Life Purpose Worksheet

What am I most proud of having accomplished in my life?

If I were financially able to retire, what would I do with my time (after the first 6 months of sleeping late and pure play)?

On my deathbed, what regrets do I think I’ll have? What can I do now to insure these will not be regrets?

What specifically would I like the people at my funeral to say about me?

Who in history do I admire most and why?

If I could solve a world problem, what would it be? Be as specific as possible.

What makes my heart sing?

What is most fun for me and why?

What makes me smile?

What energizes me?

What makes me lose track of time?

What is the common theme to the answers of the above questions?

What is the inkling I have of my purpose or vision?

How can I incorporate this into my life?

Things I will do to ensure that I fulfill my life purpose on a daily basis:

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