Do You Think You Can?

 In Self-Confidence

When I was young there was a children’s book called, The Little Engine That Could. The story was about a small engine that was just learning how to pull long trains. Through a variety of circumstances, all the seasoned engines were out of commission, and it was up to the little engine to pull the train over the mountains.

He was terrified, but as he chugged along he continued to say, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……”

Against all odds he prevailed, hauled the giant train over the mountains, and learned a lot about himself in the process.

Numerous studies have shown that your attitude and beliefs make all the difference in how successful you are in life.

Believe You Can

When you believe you can’t do something, just because you’ve never done it before, or because someone has told you that you don’t have what it takes, you undermine yourself and get to be right. You can’t do it!

However, if you ignore all the reasons, excuses and negative messages and thoughts, and do as the Little Engine did, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

Many years ago I worked in an agency where several programs were funded by 1-year grants. There were two positions in which people were hired for a program, only to lose funding and have to switch to a new program.

When one employee learned she had to do something new, she freaked out, fell apart, and insisted she couldn’t do it. Of course she couldn’t, and she didn’t last long with the agency.

When the other employee was told she needed to do a new thing she’d never done before, she walked around all week saying, “I CAN do this! I CAN do this!” Being her own cheerleader and coach was effective, she did learn the new thing, and she became well respected throughout the agency for her resilience and effectiveness.

So which of these people are you? What do you tell yourself, and how do you proceed, when you’re faced with a new or scary challenge.

Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t will make all the difference.

Please comment so others can benefit from your wisdom and experience. 

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  • Kathlene Griffel

    The article posted was very informative and useful. You people are doing a great job. Keep going.

    • Sandy Abell

      Thank you Kathlene. We are pleased you found our article helpful.

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