Welcome to your Feeling Good About You Breakthrough!

We’re very excited that you’ve decided to begin taking care of you.  Many congratulations for having the courage to take this big step!

Before you begin, be sure to access your free gifts:

  • Download Reflections on Life and Love  by Sandra Abell (please be patient – your download will take a couple of minutes, but is worth it)
  • Arrange for your free one-on-one coaching call by emailing Sandy. Put ‘Coaching Call’  in the subject line and include your preferred email address so she can contact you to schedule your free call.
  • Download your Audio version of Feeling Good About You, so you can listen to it on your computer or in your car: Feeling Good About You – audio download

OK! Let’s begin your Feeling Good About You Breakthrough!

This is a 7 week program that will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will lead you to positive self esteem! The program is organized into seven different modules.

Even though the program is set up in seven Modules, this does not mean you have to do a Module each week. You might want to move quickly, or you might want to take your time to think deeply about what you’re discovering about yourself. Please feel free to move through the program at your own pace. Whatever feels right and works for you is the way to do it.

Each Module builds on the one before it, so it will be most effective if you work through them in order.  The more time you spend on a Module, the better prepared you’ll be to move ahead to the next one.

It’s Time to Get Started

To begin your Feeling Good About You Breakthrough, click on the book cover above and download your free copy of the Feeling Good About You book.

Begin by reading Chapter one. Reading the book as you work through the program will help you understand the Modules and where they are leading you.

Since there are many worksheets, we suggest you get a binder or folder so you can keep things organized.  Once you complete your Breakthrough your binder will be a journal of your growth.

When you’ve finished reading Chapter One, click below on the Module 1 button, click on Parental and Cultural Values, and print the worksheet.  Do the worksheet and put it in your binder. You can also fill in the worksheet online and print your completed copy. (With some internet browsers you may need to download the worksheet to fill it in on your computer.)

Congratulations!  You have now begun your Breakthrough.

When finished with Parental and Cultural Values, download Positive Characteristics, and print and do the worksheet.

When you’ve completed both worksheets, put them in your binder.  Then go back to the top and click on Access Your Program to get to Module 2.

Many congratulations!  We are very excited for you!

To move ahead in the program, be sure to click on the Module buttons below.

Hooray!  You have begun the journey of discovery that will lead to your increased self-esteem.

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