Welcome to Module 5, where you will be looking at the challenge of Stress and Change…

… and how they impact you.

Stress and Change

In this Module you will look at basic life stresses and the ways you react to them.  Everyday living can sometimes be tense, anxiety producing and stressful, even if you’re maintaining the status quo. Then when something big changes, life can suddenly feel out of control.

You have probably heard people say that life is about change, and truer words have never been spoken. You probably like to feel you’re in control of your days, and are really happy when you have everything organized and flowing as you wish. These are special times, and it’s important to acknowledge, enjoy and remember them.

However, sooner or later things will change:

  • You might get married or divorced.
  • You will have a baby or your children will grow up and leave to live their own lives.
  • You could get a promotion, your job might be eliminated, or you’ll choose to retire.
  • Your health or that of someone you love could become a challenge.
  • Your loved ones and friends will leave or die.
  • You might have to move and look for a new place to live.

Life happens, and the bottom line is that nothing stays the same forever. Consequently, you have stress around you every day.

Sometimes stress can be good, because it provides energy and adrenaline that helps you stay focused, motivated and active.  However, stress can also be physically and emotionally harmful if you experience it all the time or don’t know how to control your reaction to it.

This Module will help you identify how you react to stressful situations, and how stress and change affect you emotionally and physically. Doing the Worksheets will help you become more self-aware so you can manage your stress and go through life with a sense of inner calm.

Please download the work sheets below to get started.

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