Welcome!  Congratulations!  We’re so excited you’ve decided it’s time to take care of yourself!

This is Module 1, which is the first step of your Feeling Good About You Journey!

This Module will help you become clear about your early childhood and the values, attitudes and beliefs you were raised with.  These are things you learned from your parents or your significant adults, as well as from your siblings, culture, teachers, church leaders and other people who helped shape the way you view yourself and the world. These values, attitudes and beliefs might still be subconsciously controlling your thoughts and actions today.  If you want your life to change, understanding why you think and believe the way you do is the first step.

Take your time doing the Parental and Cultural Values Worksheet.  It might seem overwhelming at first, so please do it slowly, and be gentle with yourself as you go through it.  This is the springboard for the rest of the program, so give it time.

We suggest you get a binder or folder to keep your work organized, so when you complete the program you’ll have a record or your growth, almost like a journal.

After you’ve completed all the worksheets for one Module, go back to the top of the page and click on Access Your Program to move to the next Module. Watch the video, download the worksheets and repeat the process.

Again, many congratulations on deciding it’s time to take care of YOU!

Please download the work sheets below to get started.

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