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Administrators, Directors of Nursing and Managers, are your caregivers able to lead?

Have you ever wondered why your new managers don’t seem to get it? Do they struggle in their supervisory role? Is their lack of leadership and management skills affecting the morale and efficiency of their staff?

Perhaps your supervisors don’t know how to lead and manage. Highly competent licensed nurses are the ones most often promoted to management positions. Because they are excellent caregivers they are rewarded by promotion to supervisor. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time or funding for them to receive in-depth management training to enable them to be successful at this new position.

This leaves a large number of those in leadership positions struggling with few skills in the area of people management. The outcome is that we sometimes convert our most talented caregivers into our worst management nightmare, and everyone loses.

What Is Possible

The good news is that when supervisors and managers are well-trained and have learned the skills essential to being effective leaders, people want to work with them, departments function smoothly, attrition and worker stress decrease, patients and residents are happy, and companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Because providing excellent care and leading are two very different functions, a successful leader/manager
needs to be taught the attitudes, skills and behaviors essential to their new role.

Moving Up To Management: Leadership & Management Skills for Caregivers

Leadership & Management Skills for Caregivers is a unique book/DVD package provided by Inside Jobs Coaching Company. It is designed as a self-paced learning program to help newly promoted caregivers master the role of leader, manager, supervisor, and team leader.

By combining information with interactive learning tools, this program guides readers to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to function effectively in a managerial role. Along the way, it helps readers gain from past experiences and brings out their natural abilities.

The goal is to make them as capable and competent in a supervisory position as they were in their former role as caregiver.

The 15-minute DVD provides three scenarios of typical supervisor/staff interaction and demonstrates the most effective way to handle various situations.

Moving Up To Management is also very effective as a learning tool in a class or group setting. A Leader’s Guide will soon be available to assist your Human Resources Department in conducting such groups.


You also have the opportunity to obtain personalized coaching for your staff who are working through the program on a self-study basis. For example, you may need to provide this program to staff on an “as-needed” basis rather than in a classroom setting.

New supervisors studying on their own will get more from the program through our Coaching Sessions Package. Each month, the participant will receive three personal coaching sessions by phone for $200 (that’s a $100 discount over the regular monthly coaching fees).

Personalized coaching helps new supervisors set performance goals and strategies for reaching them. It also provides accountability and gives them the comfort of being coaching by a expert outside of your workplace. You benefit from the added support and it saves your valuable time. See our Coaching page to learn more about how this works.

We also have a section of free resources that contains information and worksheets to assist you in supporting your staff.


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