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What Happens When You Say “Yes”?

Woman pon top of a mountain

Several years ago I saw the Jim Carey movie, Yes Man. The premise is that he’s a negative guy whose life is boring because he says no to everything. He decides to begin saying yes all the time, so of


Recently there have been a lot of changes in my life, and I realized that I’m resisting accepting and adapting to them. I’m happy with the familiar and staying in my comfort zone, and don’t want things to change. However,

How Do You Love? – Let’s Look at It!

Couple hanging a picture - How Do You Love?

Yesterday I broke a crystal vase that was important to me. It was given to me by someone I love, and I was really upset with my clumsiness. My husband, seeing my distress, was soothing and calm, and said, “Let


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