Leaders Group

This group of 10 Leaders from non-competing arenas meets monthly to share issues and discuss strategies.

Each professionally facilitated, confidential meeting provides an opportunity for leaders to discuss challenges
and find practical solutions to tough problems.

If you would like more information or to join one of these groups, please call us at 772-3470.

Entrepreneur Group

This group of 12 small business owners from non-competing arenas meets monthly for an honest, straightforward interchange. Members share challenges, discuss strategies and receive support in a confidential environment.

The agenda is a mix of brief check-ins where members share and receive feedback on current issues, and a longer strategic issue presentation, which leads to problem solving and discussion of challenges and strategies.

Occasionally expert speakers will be invited to share information tailored to members’ needs.

If you live in Southern Oregon and are interested in being part of this dynamic group, please call us at 772-3470.


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