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“The soul never thinks without a mental image.”

Have you ever wished there were a way to make your meetings more interesting and effective?

A way to involve participants so they are focused, energized and excited about the process?

There is a way, and it’s called Graphic Recording.

Graphic recording help groups of people talk and think together in a visible way. Your Graphic Recorder will capture and organize the group’s ideas, process and progress, and make them instantly visible to all.

graphic_recording3Graphic Recording creates a conceptual map of a conversation.

Words are often inadequate to convey meaning. For example, try to explain “love” in words. It’s difficult. Then imagine being handed a picture of two people in love. The visual instantly conveys the meaning that words failed to capture.

Graphic Recording provides the visual that clarifies meaning, enhances understanding and makes ideas, and the process of thinking, visible. It enables people to see the parts, the whole, and the relationship between them, and provides a way to see details and the big picture at the same time.

Working with a Graphic Recorder will do this and more.

graphic_recording4Graphic Recording:

  • Allows people to see their thinking and understand the big picture
  • Helps people feel heard and validated
  • Encourages people to participate
  • Keeps people focused and involved in the meeting
  • Aids concentration by capturing and organizing ideas
  • Helps people to see the entire picture and relationships between the elements
  • Helps groups reach consensus, resolve disputes and create strategies
  • Gives your organization a visual document representing the group’s progress and direction
  • Gives life to the ideas long after the meeting has ended

Whether a monthly meeting, board retreat, industry conference or facilitated workshop, Graphic Recording is a great way to make your gathering more meaningful for all.


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