Moving up to Management: Leadership Skills for Caregivers

Helps nurses become effective leaders

Highly competent licensed nurses are the ones most often promoted to management positions. Because they are excellent as caregivers they are rewarded by promotion to supervisor. Unfortunately, they rarely receive enough in-depth management training to enable them to be successful at this new position. This leaves a large number of those in leadership positions with few skills in the area of people management.

Because providing excellent care and leading are two very different functions, a successful leader/manager starts by gaining an understanding of what leadership and management are about. Then it’s a matter of working with fundamental principles and improving skills such as the ability to listen and communicate, resolve conflict, lead by example, build a team, and motivate others.

Along the way new supervisors also learn more about the person she or he is, and how to enhance their unique qualities and incorporate them into their leadership role.

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Benefits To All

The best investment Skilled Nursing Facilities can make is to provide in-depth management training and Coaching for their nurse managers. It is the number one defense against attrition, low productivity and declining morale. Such training is an investment that can reap emotional benefits for your staff and residents, which will translate to financial benefits for your organization.

Moving up to Management is available for $60.00, plus shipping and handling.
The package includes book, DVD, test and CEUs*

The 15-minute high quality DVD depicts three scenarios that are often found in healthcare settings. Each scenario shows the supervisor handling everyday challenges in an inappropriate way, provides discussion about the situation, and then depicts the appropriate way for the supervisor to deal with the problem.

*Approved for 10 Continuing Education Units for CNAs by NAPNES (National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Services, Inc.)

To Purchase Moving Up To Management: Leadership and Management Skills for Caregivers is available in hard cover ($26.95) at Moving Up To Management for Caregivers. For larger orders and discounts please email or call us at 541-772-3470.


“Moving Up To Management is an excellent tool to navigate the steep learning curve between line-staff and supervision. If used early in the transition to management, both the employee and the company will benefit and many potential pitfalls will be avoided. It’s an excellent adjunct to training programs!!”
Patricia Kauffman, Exec. V.P. Health & Associated Services
Pacific Retirement Services, Medford, OR

“Wow! Moving Up To Management is a much-needed resource for the ever-changing roles in Healthcare today. It’s an interactive tool that will help new managers define their role as a leader or manager and help the experienced leader guide their new protégée into that role. The workbook format works great for those advancing from line-staff to management, as well as giving insight to the immediate supervisors on handling their subordinates.

This is a valuable tool that is a long time in coming. It is clearly written and easy to understand, with great examples. I especially like the workbook format for learning. I wish I had had this resource when I advanced into my first management position. It would have made the transition so much smoother. I am looking forward to using this with my new management staff.”
Suzanne Moon, RN, DNS, Trinity Terrace, Ft. Worth, Texas

“In the past it has been difficult to transition our caring field staff into administrative staff. Moving Up To Management has allowed us a kind, caring, common sense approach to training, and our trainers love it! I wish to thank Sandy and Jan for recognizing a need and filling it with a well-thought-out tool.”
Carrie Governor, President Caregiver Services, Medford, Oregon

“Moving Up To Management is an excellent resource for the newly promoted manager, as well as a great review for the seasoned manager. This isn’t just one of those “how-to” books. This book walks the reader down a personal life path to discover his/her own portrait of leadership.”
Tamara Nordine, Vice President of Human Resources
Pacific Retirement Services, Medford, Oregon


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