Moving Up To Management: Leadership and Management Skills for New Supervisors

MUTM_ScreenHighly competent employees are often promoted to management positions. Whether as a reward for excellent performance, or the result of downsizing, people unfamiliar with leadership and management skills often step up to a supervisory role.      Frequently there isn’t time or funding for these employees to receive enough in-depth management training to enable them to be successful in their new role. This leaves a large number of those in leadership positions with few skills in the area of people management.

Because being an excellent team member and leading are two very different functions, a successful leader/manager may need to gain new understanding of what leadership and management are about.

Moving Up To Management assists new supervisors as they learn fundamental principles of leadership and management, and improve skills such as the ability to listen and communicate, resolve conflict, lead by example, build a team, delegate, run meetings, and motivate others.

The book also helps new supervisors learn more about the person she or he is, and how to enhance their unique qualities and incorporate them into their leadership role.

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“Moving Up to Management is an excellent resource for the newly promoted manager, as well as a great review for the seasoned manager.  This isn’t just one of those ‘how to’ books.  This book walks the reader down a personal life path to discover his/her own portrait of leadership.”      Tamara Nordine, Vice President of Human Resources     Pacific Retirement Services

“‘Moving Up to Management’ is an excellent resource for employees who become supervisors and team leaders. It is also a guidebook for business owners and high level managers in developing their staff. Each of the nine chapters includes exercises that readers can use to begin their process of change and become more effective and productive in the workplace.”
Jamee Rae Pineada

“In the past it’s been difficult to transition our field staff into administration.  Moving Up To Management has allowed us a common-sense approach to training, and trainers love it!”  Carrie Governor, President, Caregiver Services


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