Publications by Sandra V. Abell and Janice A. Napoleon

Feeling Good About You: The Journey of Discovery That Leads to Self-Esteem

  When you look in the mirror, do you smile and say, “Wow, I like this person!” Or, do you frown, grumble and think or say something negative? If you smile you have positive self-esteem, which is the cornerstone of

Moving Up To Management: Leadership and Management Skills for New Supervisors

Highly competent employees are often promoted to management positions. Whether as a reward for excellent performance, or the result of downsizing, people unfamiliar with leadership and management skills often step up to a supervisory role.      Frequently there isn’t

Moving up to Management: Leadership Skills for Caregivers

Helps nurses become effective leaders Highly competent licensed nurses are the ones most often promoted to management positions. Because they are excellent as caregivers they are rewarded by promotion to supervisor. Unfortunately, they rarely receive enough in-depth management training to

Facilitators’ Guide, Moving Up To Management

Leadership and Management skills for Caregivers This Facilitators’ Guide is designed for organizations that wish to conduct classes or groups for their new managers, based on Moving Up To Management: Leadership and Management Skills for Caregivers. The Guide provides the


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